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These women can do almost anything for love: leave their families, move to another country, change their views, habits and even … religion.

Love ignores nationalities and religions. However, some women have to make a compromise to stay with men they love. An actor Marat Basharov’s ex-wife Elizaveta Krutsko succumbed to his persuasions to take Islam. Her father vehemently opposed it, but Elizaveta and Marat had an Islamic wedding. A few years past, they divorced, and Elizaveta returned to Orthodox Christianity.

Psychologists believe, that if one of the spouses changes one’s religion just for the sake of his or her better half, such marriage is not tightly-knit. Each nationality and religion has its traditions, which are handed at genetic level. Eventually spouses may intrude each other’s habitual lives. However, there are some happy couples, who were able to avoid religious contradictions in their relationships. For example, Maria Arbatova is happy with her third husband – Sumit Dutta Gupta, the Prince of Bengal.

Women, who changed their religions – including some show business stars- gave interviews for the documentary “Love religion”. They took Islam, Christianity or Buddhism voluntarily. However, their love stories had different endings: happy and unhappy ones.

The documentary shows interviews with Renat Ibragimov’s second wife Albina, Nikolay Baskov’s ex-wife Svetlana Shpigel, ex-participant of “Star Factory” project Maria Alalykina and others.

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