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Every woman wishes her children to be healthy, her husband to be loyal to her and to have prosperity. The project producers give their practical advice to those who want to be happy: horoscopes, numerology, physiognomy, fen shui, stones etc. Anyone can use practical magic; you just should know how to do it!

Each episode of the show includes five blocks: children, health, love, work, money. You will get the clue to solving your problems with the help of esoteric sciences. All parts are united with one topic. The topic of each episode covers the basic aspects of our lives.

Love magic will help you to maintain harmony in your relationships and make your better half return. Career magic will teach you have the right attitude towards your goals and move ahead. The magic ways to conceive will help you to fulfill your dreams of having a baby. Knowledge and wisdom magic will assist you in study. Stone magic is good for finding your destination. Rejuvenating magic will keep you young, while family prosperity magic and magic talismans will protect you and your loved ones other people’s bad intentions.

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