seasons min episodes year
1 season 23 20 2013
2 season 23 4 2014
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 The interactive comic TV show “Peretzdotru” is a website on your TV!

The show is a collection of amateur videos, which ordinary people put on the same-name website. To contribute to the show you need to get in, register and load your video. It can even be a video from your mobile phone. The visitors of the website select videos for the show themselves. The ones, which have received the most number of votes, appear in the show.

All the videos are divided into categories – rubrics. “Cheeez” shows stupid and strange situations; “Cuties” collects the cutest videos with animals and children; “Car Pranks” is for videos taped with dash cams; “Nuggets” presents comic staged amateur videos, while “I can do better!” offers practical jokes, which the host plots to play on unsuspecting people.

Fantastic! Cool! Cheezy!

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