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1 season 24 29 2009
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A manly man can do anything and even more! What will happen if he is left to manage the house? We’ll see it with Valdis Pelsh, hosting the show “Home Alone”.

Valdis visits star fathers at home. Then his shooting team rushes into their apartments and “kicks” their wives out of home. They stay with star fathers who are left alone to solve household problems and look after their children. Will they be able to cook a tasty dinner, houseclean and fix a broken iron? Don’t forget: they also have to play with the children and have time to cut up rough a little bit…

Valdis Pelsh is always ready to help them out. While star fathers cook dinner, the chef of a fashionable Moscow restaurant cooks his special dish. At the end of the show, their wives come back. They assess the level of damage and, perhaps, risk to taste the cooked dinner. Handy tips, “star” recipes and unexpected solutions of household problems – you’ll find all this in the show “Home Alone”.

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