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Have you ever seen four angry women ready to beat one another to prove whose wedding is better? We present the one and only wedding reality show on Russian TV describing how to get married and make an awesome party to envy!

Every week four girls visit one another’s weddings and assess them by four parameters: the bride’s image, the menu, the entertainment program for guests, the idea of the wedding and its realization. A chocolate fountain, a New Year party in the heat of July and even a live elephant – the girls will stop at nothing to double-cross their rivals and win the main prize: a honeymoon trip to a fairy-tale exotic country! On the fifth day, the competent jury on behalf of Elena Kuletskaya and a wedding expert Lika Dlugach calculate the scores and name the winner.

“My Wedding Is Better” is not only about intrigues, unexpected disappointments and the bitter truth about wedding! Each episode gives future and present brides priceless tips how to organize an ideal wedding. Should they waste lots of money or they just need a bold idea? How should they choose the best wedding dress, what games should they have, what should they do to make guests have fun at the wedding if there is no alcohol? They will find the answers to these and other questions in the super show “My Wedding is Better!”

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