The League of Nations 

The League of Nations


The League of Nations

«The League of Nations» is a comic show. It is a kind of competition where participants prove their supremacy by word, humor and improvisation, while staying a friendly and multinational league. The show brings together people, who love jokes and know how to make them. There are a few rounds, where the head team plays by turns against “the Big Five” (five teams-competitors). Rounds can be absolutely different with their vast majority built on improvisation!

The audience in the studio evaluate their wit and sense of humor with the help of special scoreboards. The maximum score for a round is 100, counting the number of people in the studio. In addition, each group shares the same profession. For example, the teams' fates are decided by 100 pastry chefs, 100 doctors, 100 locksmiths, 100 musicians, 100 police officers...Every now and then this hundred includes well-known people and mass media persons. They are invited not because they are popular, but because they meet the specified criteria of the theme-based studio audience.

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