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There are heaps of beauty products promising to solve any problem, but, in fact, most of them is waste of money. How to understand that you’re being cheated? How to learn to identify beauty frauds? How to protect one’s rights?

“Victimless Beauty” is a practical guide in the fight against fraud. Experts conduct tests in independent laboratories and then show all the pluses and minuses of a certain product, give information about its side effects and counter indications. Sometimes test results turn unexpected both for producers and consumers.

The guinea pigs of the show include the project’s journalists and such stars as Masha Malinovskaya, Taisia Povaliy, Nikolay Baskov, Yulia Mikhalchuk, Victoria Lopyreva, Dmitriy Malikov, Vlad Lisovets, Svetlana Surganova, Marina Khlebnikova, Lena Lenina, Alla Dukhova and others.

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