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“Men are from Mars, woman are from Venus”. Everybody knows this statement, but this theory has never had its film version before. The project “Meet a Man!” is made by men for women.

Each episode is focused on a certain aspect of the relationships between man and woman at home; it gives the answer to women’s eternal question: “Why is he like this?” Why does a man try to make every stool himself or, on the contrary, refuse to tap a nail into a wall? Why does he like gambling so much? Why is he sometimes so silent and cold? Meet men, find answers to all vital questions and learn, at last, what you should do about men’s tricks with the help of Yuri Kolokolnikov, the well-known actor and women’s favorite, hosting the show.

One episode consists of two parts: male and female views of the discussed problem. The heroes get the help of a professional psychologist, while the host comments the situation and proposes his solution of the difficult situation, which is funny, creative and definitely gives positive results.

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