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1 season 48 40 2010
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This well-loved sit-com Stroybatya describes the adventures of four draftees of the Construction Battalion. The main characters here are recruits who have joined the Construction Battalion for various reasons. They think that all work in the battalion is simple: dilute cement, scrape and dig, so they expect an easy life. However, the unit commanding officer Vasily Arkhipov has his own vision of the military service in the battalion; this explains why his unit was nicknamed “Uncle Vasya’s Troops”. Gradually their life turns to be much harder, so the fellows have to buddy up to put the axe on the helve. What tests does the future in the name of lieutenant-colonel Arkhipov have in its store for the recruits?

The new soldiers should expect incredible stories, love, breakups; they will lose and find friends, see their hopes shatter and revive while staying at the battle station!

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