Decor Passions 

Decor Passions
seasons min episodes year
1 season 11 36 2005
2 season 22 64 2006
3 season 24 83 2008
4 season 49 14 2010
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Passions may run high not only among people and not just for love, but for decor! In the course of almost 5 years Marat Ka, the brilliant designer and decorator, has been proving it in his program “Decor Passions”.

Decor Passions is a mix of ideas designed to add colours, vibration and fabulousness to any bleak interior. Candleholders made of clay pots, painted glass, extraordinary tables and marble chairs – you can make all these things with your own hands due to Marat Ka’s lessons.
All you will need is a little effort and cheap materials. His show has served as a magic wand for many people decorating their homes or redecorating old things, which seemed useless.

Delighted audience are amazed to see how the genius Marat Ka turns a simple chair into a throne or a clock, a collection of classic writers – into a lamp, an old overshoe or an ordinary soccer ball - into a luxury candleholder. You can’t take your eyes off, when Marat Ka creates with his hands a Christmas tree from hangers, fancy candles, a rocking horse, greeting cards or girls’ diaries.

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