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A court talk show “TWELVE” with Andrey Urgant.
The host and his guests raise lots of important questions, disturbing active and partial part of the population. Even after the court announces the sentence and closes the case, there are still those, who disagree, who believe in justice and want to go further. The producers of “TWELVE” give people a chance to prove that they are right.

Andrey Urgant and twelve members of the jury hear real-life cases.  He plaintiff and the defendant form the general board themselves, the decision of the later doesn’t have direct legal force, but it can spark broad public outcry. The jury includes well-known and respected people always ready to share their expert opinion.

Andrey Urgant, the host of “TWELVE”: “It happens, that people start smiling at the most tragic moment. The most miserable situation always has the reverse side. A person can’t be wildly stressed all the time. We discuss the justice of the decision, taken by the court, in our show. We have right neither to convict, nor to acquit: beside the emotional reaction of the jury there is the legislation…We consider absolutely different situations: gripping, sharp, piquant… As the shooting of the pilot episode has shown, people get involved very quickly in the discussion, they start arguing with one another, with me, react emotionally…”

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