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1 season 25 9 2015
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“Love Seasons” sketchcom is a collection of short stories about five families at the key periods of couples’ love.

The project shows that the wonderful feeling of love complies with the laws of nature and also has its seasons. It begins in spring, blooms in summer, ripes and withers in autumn, sleeps in winter and comes back with new spring.

The project is based on true-to-life common comic situations familiar to 90% of the audience.
1. The couple “Students” (19 years old) – rose and candy stage: acquaintance, romance, the first love.
2. The couple “Just Married” (28 years old) – the stage of initial family life. The basic question: if you both are making careers, who is going to make a family?
3. The couple “Middle Aged” (42 years old) – the crisis stage in relationships: people are stuck in a rut, they have no life satisfaction and imitate feelings by habit.
4. The couple “Active Elderly” (55 years old) – the stage when a family is on the verge of divorce: “there is no fool like an old fool”, cheating, “swinging”, property sharing, imitation of good life for the sake of children.
5. The couple “Sunset” (75 years old) – the stage of peaceful aging: love as a habit, philosophic look at the world.

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