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seasons min episodes year
Season 1 49 80 2014
Season 2 49 120 2015
Season 3 48 160 2016
Season 4 48 40 2017-2018
Season 5 48 80 2019-2020
Season 6 48 80 2019
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The court show “Let’s Divorce!” is a collection of real-life stories about spouses who used to be happy, but then took a painful and hard decision to divorce.
The court considers family cases real-time, finds the unbiased truth and decides, who it supports.

“This project gives a chance to help people to get to the bottom of complex life situations, both from moral and legal points of view. We are given only one life, so we shouldn’t waste it on arguments and insults. We need to learn to forgive one another, even after parting. Today the hardest thing is to hear another person. That’s the obstacle I’m working with in the show. I hope I’ll manage to do it,”- says the host of the show E. Romanova. Life dramas, women’s fates and detective turns of events in the show “Let’s Divorce!” 

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