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1 season 23 20 2011
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Throw paint at somebody, sprinkle him or her with feathers and ash, stain with soup, add some sugar powder and honey, a bit of filth, a pinch of nasty things: and you have the recipe of “Dirty Money”! The hilarious quiz show “Dirty Money” helps you find the answer to the question: “Can you make some money and stay clean?”
There are two teams in the show: each of them includes the representatives of one profession or social group. The audience watches “fights” between strippers and ice swimming grannies, police officers and illegal migrants, beauty doctors and siliconized blondies…All of them should answer funny questions in the field of common knowledge! 
When players give correct answers, they earn money, if they give wrong answers, they get wet from head to heels. The consistency and the contents of the “punishment” vary: this could be whipped cream or engine oil. The participants’ “failures” are accompanied by ironic commentaries from the creative team “Kurazh Bombei», well-known for their witty series translations in the Internet. Thus, in addition to a dirty shower a player gets a portion of first-rate jokes.

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