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The cookery show “Gotovtsev is cooking» will reveal men’s top secret to the audience: men can cook! They just take pains to conceal it. It’s the first cookery show for men after many years of women’s domination in TV kitchens. The project’s recipe is simple: tasty dishes, gastronomic tricks and a charismatic chef on a bike = a kitchen with a masculine temper.

The host of the show is Kirill Gotovtsev known as a professional advertiser, an old-school biker and an adept of male chauvinist cuisine. And this chauvinism is good for both men and women.

 “Cooking is much harder for women than for men,- Kirill explains.- They want to make their food both tasty and good for health; they think how much GMO and cholestenone it contains, they wonder if they manage to cook it before an evening show, or if their husbands, children, guests or neighbors like it… For a man food is an end in itself. “Gotovtsev is cooking” is a show, which explains why women should relax and entrust their kitchens to their husbands.”

PERETZ is absolutely sure: we need food to feel full! Kirill Gotovtsev swears by his moustache, that any episode of his show will improve the gastronomic situation at home. Thousands of families will be saved from burned frying pans, spoiled food, scandals and simply form hunger if they watch this show regularly. 

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