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1 season 48 24 2016
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Stories about the fates of abandoned children. How should one survive being betrayed by his own parents?

Some women are ready to pay any money to hear from the doctor: “My congratulations, you are pregnant!” and enjoy sweets of motherhood. Others, contrary, can refuse from their sweet babies and leave them to doctors without the back thought of their future fate. Such stories served as the basis for this project.

The series includes twelve stories about unwanted children left by their parents in baby boxes. They have nobody to sing lullabies and dandle them. The babies’ future is unknown…

Yekaterina Reshetnikova, who has played the role of Vera Sokolova, the Head of the Children’s Unit, says: “Anyway such woman continues her life carrying the burden of the deed. I think the fact, that strange people can take care of your baby while you can’t, is even more painful. My character tries not only safe babies’ lives by any means, she also tries to bring such mothers to their senses and ignite their maternal instinct”.

The shooting of the series took place in a real hospital; professional doctors were engaged in its production. Actors worked with real babies, some of whom were under three months old.

Who of the babies will have a happy life in a new family? Who will be lucky with his adopted parents? And who will get to an orphan asylum or caught between life and death?

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