The Mommies 

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S3 E10
Season 2 Episode 1
Season 1 Episode 1
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seasons min episodes year
Season 1 24 20 2015
Season 2 24 20 2016
Season 3 24 20 2017
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The birth of the child completely changes woman's life. The world will never be the same – this is self-evident truth, which every new mother should accept, understand and continue living happily together with her children. Hardwearing but shapeless pants and t-shirts replace beautiful dresses and business suits for a while, sleepless parties in nightclubs replaced with sleepless nights at a baby cot, and product-lists instead of love messages…

Main characters of the comedy series are three best friends, three beautiful ladies – young and inexperienced new mother Anya, highly experienced mother of many children Yulya, and still free of husband and children Vika. Each of them faces tasks, questions and problems familiar to any woman. However, three our characters overcome all the obstacles with fun and ease as they are seeking for happiness, rain or shine. Chasing after happiness they laugh, cry, love, support each other and prove: female friendship is available, and motherhood is a difficult, but such a pleasant share. Nothing is above you if your family and friends are close by!

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