The Kitchen 

Trailer ENG
Season 1 Episode 1
S1 Episode 10
Priority of viewers SUPER HIT FORMAT
seasons min episodes year
Season 1 24 20 2012
Season 2 24 20 2013
Season 3 24 20 2014
Season 4 24 20 2014
Season 5 24 20 2015
Season 6 24 20 2016
Film about series 30 1 2016
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One of the Top-rated Russian TV series which shows comical and dramatic episodes from the life of the upscale restaurant and its staff. It is a boiling pot with hot passions, refined and treacherous intrigues, and whole this explosive mixture is seasoned with fresh humour and screams of laughter.

6-th season finalizes this popular sitcom by CTC channel. Choosing between life and death Masterchef makes a fateful decision, Dmitry Nagiyev changes career, and Katya accepts a marriage proposal... Central characters face vast amount of dilemmas, make unexpected discoveries and participate in fantastic events. Producers promise lots of captivating scenes: fall from hotel's roof down a lift shaft, large scale fires, striking fights and even … telekinesis.

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