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Season 1 48 16 2015
Season 2 48 12 2015
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An adventurous drama. The plot develops round three Russians who have found themselves in London by a twist of fate and a daily “routine” of the unique agency ‘Londongrad’, specializing on the solution of any problem which Russians could face in the capital of the United Kingdom.

Whatever it is – lost baggage and a tourist seized with panic, or an episode with a “big” man’s son, who managed to confuse the Churchill monument with WC. There are lots of Russians in London – more and yet more complex situations with them.

Five years ago Mischa dropped out from Oxford and founded an agency named ‘LondongraD’. Since then he has been solving his compatriots' problems in London for a reasonable fee. His assistant Alice is the disgraced daughter of some Russian tycoon. She was left in London penniless and made up her mind to earn money for her college by her own, having become the second employee in the agency. The third member of the team is Stepan, a guy from Ryazan, who moonlights as a cab driver of his right-wheel Zhiguly in London streets. He knows neither language or the city and regularly breaks traffic rules, but he is unexpendable in out-of-standard situations.

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