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 More then the half of holiday romances last just one night. And, as a rule, they have the same ending. Tears. Exchange with phone numbers. But, the both lovers know: none of them will ever call. Because holiday romance has no continuation. The date of its ending is printed on their return tickets.

“Holiday Romance” is documentary series with the elements of reality show. These are stories of ordinary people who had fateful meetings during their holidays, changing their entire lives. Holiday romance, unexpected meeting with old friends, adultery, frame-ups and searches of true love on the seashore under the burning sun!

The plot is worth a classical musical comedy. The main character went to the south together with a friend. Her husband suspected her of cheating. He followed her to check how they were spending their holiday. As a result, he started holiday romance with a young single woman. Many years passed, they met again unexpectedly at a resort. They both had long been married and had children. Suddenly they realized that they missed each other all those years. That it was true love…

Aziza, Galina Danilova, Veronika Sungatova, Victor and Larisa Avilovs appeared in the film.

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