The Kremlin Cadets 

S1 E1 (Eng subs)
The Kremlin Cadets
The Kremlin Cadets
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seasons min episodes year
1 season 48 40 2008
2 season 48 40 2009
3 season 48 40 2009
4 season 48 40 2010
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‘The Kremlin Cadets’ is hard to name an individual series. It is a worthy continuation of ‘Cadets’ loved by millions of people. The series is easy to watch and full of dynamics, but far from shallow and mediocre! Usually as they say, a sequel is always worse than an original, but in this case it is much more complex. ‘Cadets’ is a kind comedy designed mostly for teenagers, while ‘The Kremlin Cadets’ raises the problems and shows the relationships of almost grown-up experienced people. That is why it's more interesting to watch the main characters' life journeys.

…Time flew by, the study in the Suvorov Military School came to an end, and the young Suvorov friends' paths diverged. But out of the blue, the three old friends meet each other at the entering exams to the Moscow Higher Military Command College.  The boys are applying to the college along with yesterday's schoolboys and young men who have already returned from the Army.

A great surprise expects three young friends, as their another mate Maxim Makarov will also become a cadet in the college. But they are yet to know about it, while now they are learning this “adult” military life  together…

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