S1 E1 (Eng subtitles)
Priority of viewers SUPER HIT
seasons min episodes year
Season 1 45 40 2006
Season 2 45 50 2006-2007
Season 3 45 70 2007
Behind the scenes 45 1 2007
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“The Army’s toughening sets you up in life!”. Long since the XIII century, the Cadet Military Schools graduates became honourable officers, national elite, the defenders of their Fatherland, the support and pride of the upper-class society. These schools are elite institutions; it has always been honourable but extremely hard to study there.

By a twist of fate, fourteen-year-old boys get into the Suvorov Military School: some of them follow family traditions, others achieve their high ideals; there are even some boys who get there against their will… After fellows have been admitted to the Suvorov Military School, they fail to realize at first the total load and, most important, the responsibility, which will have a great impact on their future lives. Gradually the students learn the unspoken laws of honour, the depth and continuity of the tradition. They live like one family and mature hardening their will and character.

Each of them has his own destiny, cherished dream, first love…Their friends and families support and feel for them. Not all of these boys will be officers in their future; but that is not the purpose. The only thing that matters is that all of them are the Suvorov Military School students, fellows from one family, who could and would be trusted.

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