Marriage Without Victims 

Marriage Without Victims
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1 season 49 8 2013
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 Marriage Without Victims is a film-investigation of the relationships between man and woman on the global scale! It narrates about rock solid marriages, family traditions, divorces, adultery and gives tips how to avoid mistakes when building your relationship. What you should pay attention to at your first date to identify a jealous person or to avoid falling victim to a marriage fraudster? What is the right way of household budget planning, what should you refuse from and focus on? The husband is a “peacock” and his wife is a “grey mouse” or visa versa: what can it lead to? How to keep your household budget and save money? Where to flee and how to save oneself? How are newly married couples tricked at their weddings and what is the real price of a wedding?

Amateur photographers, broken limousines, spoiled hairdos and shredding wedding dresses. Moreover, what you should know when you want to marry a foreigner and whether all women are ready to do it.

You will hear stories from Alla Pugacheva, Phillip Kirkorov, Maxim Galkin, Bari Alibasov, Yegor Beroyev, Ksenia Alferova, Yulia Savicheva, Slava, Alena Vodonayeva, Margarita Sukhankina and many others. 

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