Dmitriy Nagiev’s show The Big Kitchen! 

Dmitriy Nagiev’s show The Big Kitchen!
Dmitriy Nagiev’s show The Big Kitchen!
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1 episode 96 1 2015
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Meeting Dmitriy Nagiev is always nice and funny! Dmitriy Nagiev opens the doors of his Big Kitchen, a new entertaining show, where he receives visits from actors, TV anchors, musicians and treats his audience with a vivid cocktail of humour, news and the secrets of favourite hits production.

His comic show coincides with the start of a new season on CTC; it will host Elena Podkaminskaya, Ksenia Borodina, Georgy Dronov, Ingrid Olerinskaya, Alexander Sokolovsky, Leva and Shura (Bi-2) and many others.

Dmitriy Nagiev: “The Big Kitchen is a show presentation which we try to make off hand, with humour and many various surprises. I am going to host lots of talented people; some of them are already known, others are yet to be known. Everything in our show is quick, funny, spontaneous and very tasty like in the kitchen!”

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