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A women’s health center is not an ordinary medical institution. It’s an entire world of human lives and confusing stories. It’s the place where passions run high and scandals break out, hopes fall to the ground and new feelings come up. Personal and other secrets get revealed within walls of this building. One can say with confidence, that every woman has a mystery!

In each episode, the doctors in the center have to help their patients out of difficult situations along with fulfilling their duties and solving their personal troubles. The gynecologist Sergey Kolosov is in the most demand in the private medical center. The secret of his popularity is simple: he is a high-profile specialist, can find an approach to any woman and has ultimate charm. Kolosov tries to keep his personal life out of the public eye, but it’s not easy to do.

The doctor’s wife Irina Kolosova is an impulsive and active woman. She can visit her husband out of the blue, making up a story on the spot. Irina’s fantasies often go far beyond boundaries. She loves living in imaginary worlds she make up; that’s the permanent reason of her conflicts with her husband. Besides, Kolosova suffers from panic strikes, which always come unexpectedly. The source of her panics is usually her wild jealousy. Irina sometimes can’t fall asleep imaging her husband sleeping with another woman…

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