Double White Lines 

Season 1 Episode 1
seasons min episodes year
Season 1 49 16 2016
Season 2 48 16 2016
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The most provocative story about family life!

It is common for a man to conquer the world, while it's common for a woman to create it: build a nest, bring children, take care of her loved ones. That's how an ideal woman looks like. If she has one husband.  But… what if she has two? Is she …twice an ideal wife?

 Ann, the series' main character, has been playing cat-and-mouse with two men for a few years, but she still doesn't know what she really wants: a thrilling romantics with one or a promising big family life with the other. She has a tough choice to make, that is why she has long lived a double life. Anna has two families and still can't choose between cheerful and spontaneous Alexander and fair and manful Vladimir.

Is it possible for her to get out of this vicious circle? What price will she have to pay for the mistake which has lasted for so long? Can one build a happy life on a lie or start ones' life from the very beginning?

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