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Season 1 48 8 2015
Season 2 48 8 2016
Season 3 48 8 2017
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The most touching reality-show about celebrities expecting their children – PREGNANT!

The phrase: “My congratulations, you’ll have a baby!” divides a woman’s life in two periods: “before” and “after”. Emotions engulf you, while thousands of questions pop in your head: how to behave during your pregnancy, when and how to choose a maternity clinic, should you make a contract with it? No panic! The participants of “Pregnant” reality-show will share details of their pregnancies and tell you how to overcome all arising difficulties.

The first season was released with celebrity participants: a host Tutta Larson, Dmitry Dibrov’s wife Polina and an ex-singer of Demo band Sasha Zvereva. New starring participants in the second season – Galina Udashkina, Valeria Gai Germanika and Darya Pynzar – are joined by ordinary women. No paparazzi hunt them, and nobody takes their interviews. However, as any mother, they are ready to do all the best for their babies.
Over nine months the girls will learn joy of the first acquaintance with their unborn babies and their first moves and face serious problems: phobia to have a baby with abnormities, horrible news about one’s husband’s serious illness, stereotypes about pregnancy at late age, typical problems of a single mother and impossibility to labour naturally.

New York that never sleeps, peaceful Bali, one of the most expensive metropolises of the world or a timid town in the suburbs of Moscow? A private clinic or a natural childbirth center halfway around the world? Each girl will go her way and prove that no problems can be obstacles to the biggest joy in life.

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