Anita. All For Love 

Anita. All For Love
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1 season 48 1 2015
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 A documentary about Anita Tsoy, the distinguished singer and the host of the Wedding Size show. Anita as a mother and a wife reveals the secret of her family happiness and tells the audience what difficulties she had to overcome for the sake of her love for her husband.

Anita is a real fighter. She has gone through and accomplished many things .Very few people know that the delicate and graceful singer Anita Tsoy used to weight over 100 kilos in the mid 90-s. After she got her baby son, Anita gained 40 kilos for 2 years. This model wife and loving mother weighed 105 kilos at the age of 23, being just 157 tall. The girl really failed to understand why her husband worked late, didn’t buy her flowers and court her any more. Her excess weight threatened her family happiness. Once her husband lost his temper and told her a very offensive phrase: “Look at yourself in the mirror! It is not the woman I married.” At that moment, Anita thought her husband would leave her. Nonetheless, her husband’s confession helped Anita pull herself together and thin down to her “wedding” size.

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