The Driving School 

The Driving School
The Driving School
seasons min episodes year
1 season 24 20 2012
2 season 23 20 2013
Digest 23 5 2012
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The Driving School’s heroes are people who have been officially given up as hopeless: these “blondies” and “dummies” have failed dozens of driving tests at the State Automobile Inspectorate. But the kidding is over. From now on old-time professionals will take these pedestrians under their patronage. During four weeks the trainees will have to learn road traffic rules, pass tests on practice ground and open roads.

The Driving School’s basic principle sounds quite weird: the worst stay, the best leave. It is because every week the most diligent trainees go to take their tests to the State Automobile Inspectorate right from the shooting area. Meanwhile “D students” go on exhausting their driving instructors by bumping into flowerbeds, scratching bumpers and mixing up right and left.
We won’t let them go until they learn their lesson!

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